Automating clients workflow

Arthur has an automated events engine at its heart. It is designed in such a way as to help cut down on repetitive tasks, emails and general administration. By cutting down on these processes, additional time is able to be spent on more important things – like growing your business.

All accounts have the ability to review, review and edit their automation events. However, this area is one of the most complex in Arthur and understanding automated events and actions can take time. If you would like us to build your processes in an automated manner, a member of our implementation team will first require checklists of everything done at the various points in a tenancy journey in order to build the automation.

The effect of automation will save you time and money whilst improving efficiency. The process takes approximately 2 weeks to complete but this will depend on your availability to answer questions.

Arthur charges £675.00+VAT  to build your automation. For multiple Arthur accounts please call for a quote

Any additional work to this area after completion of works will be at £15.00 + vat per hour

We have provided a basic template from which clients can advise on what processes are relevant to your business. Please download template: Automation template

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