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How to use automation to alert you to issues around Xero or Quick books synchronised sync

This article is linked to understanding automation

This article will show you how to set-up alerts/notifications for your Xero syncs. The same logic applies to Quickbooks

This looks at adding an action to the system triggers

Step 1

Go to preferences > Automation

Step 2

Select system trigger “Xero/Quickbooks  Sync Done Add Actions


Step 3

Set an Action name then you can add a Task, Activity log, or Process

Step 4

You can choose how you want to receive the alert in ‘Apply a Process‘ and can customize it in the subject and email body.

Message – Sends an email to the chosen recipient/s

Notification – Creates an alert on your Arthur dashboard or mobile phone if you have the Arthur App installed.

Step 5

To add Mail Merge Fields just right-click in the email body.

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