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Troubleshoot screen resolution and browser issues

Bowser Types

Google Chrome and Firefox are the most stable when using Arthur and the ones we test on. Avoid Safari and internet explorer we advise the use of chrome. *If you experience a problem try another browser first to eliminate an issue with Arthur.

Browser Resolution

Arthur works best when your browser resolution is set to 90%. Arthur will not resize if you use a larger resolution on smaller screens, it will appear as if things do not line up. If  you see something like the image below where the elements do not line up then it’s likely your resolution is wrong.

To Reset the Resolution in Chrome


Mobile browsers

Mobile devices with the exception of the Microsoft surface (used in pc mode) do not work as yet with Arthur through mobile browsers. Apple and android are app driven and so Arthur should be used through the app on these devices.

For Microsoft surface we recommend the recommended screen resolution 2736 *1824 at 200%

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