Changing the default position of our financial settings

This article is designed to make Arthur users aware of the features on Arthur that could help simplify there on-boarding process. It is not compulsory to switch every listed feature on.

Before creating your first Tenancy, we advise Arthur users to alter the settings on their account to cater to their own Tenancy set-ups.

Financial Settings

Go To Financials

  • Hide Charges that are not yet due – You have the ability to hide transactions on Arthur Statement that are not due. 

  • Transaction Description Format – This allows you to choose the default format for when you manually pay off charges in Arthur. 

If you would like a new format please contact a member of the Arthur Financials Team who can then implement this for you.

Tenancy Settings

Go To Settings > Tenancy Settings

Choose your default date for recurring charges when adding a new tenancy. 

Next Collection Date (Arthur Default) – This will calculate the recurring charge rent based on the next due date

Start Collection Date – This will make the recurring charge generate recurring charge rent based on the tenancy start date (Only use if you are back dating your transactions. Speak to an Arthur Team MAember before choosing)

If you set “Automatically create recurring charge based on rent amount” to “Off”, this will stop recurring charges being created automatically on add tenancy screen.

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