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How to Charge Commission/Fees to a Property Owner

To start charging commission go to Tenancies>Open/View a Tenancy>Recurring Charges>Add Recurring Charges

Ensure Amount charged uses one of the following calculations:

  • Fixed amount – Fixed amount collected at defined intervals (monthly, quarterly etc)
  • Fixed % amount – This is a % of the total contract value collected at defined intervals (monthly, quarterly etc). e.g 10% collected quarterly on a £700.00 pcm rent collection on a 1 year contract would be calculated as (12*700) = £8400 rent charged,  Divided quarterly=£2100*10%. Total collected £210.00 per quartre
  • % based on rent received – % of amount received from the tenant (most commonly used method)
  • % based of rent charged- % of amount tenant is meant to pay regardless of what they pay

**Note paid by must be property owner


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