Creating and removing linked Arthur accounts

Arthur is able to link multiple accounts by linking the same email addresses of the user. This functionality is very useful and should be used used if:
  • You mange multiple portfolios that require separate instances of Arthur, for example if you have multiple Xero/QuickBooks accounts (the relationship involves one Arthur, one Xero/QuickBooks)
  • You are a virtual manager handling multiple accounts.
  • Franchise , separate offices or properties in SPV`s (Discussed below)


Does it cost more having more than one Arthur

For professional and enterprise we aggregate your units so that you pay the unit price accross both portfolios and only apply the minimium spend to the 1st account

Can I have more than one account open at once

You can have all your accounts open at once with no issues. Simply open each account in a new tab on your browse

How do clients with portfolios in different SPV`s work

Clients with this set up either:

  1. Seperate Arthur with their own Xero`s
  2. Create a Quasi agency that has each SPV as an owner within one Arthur

Creating a further account

How to remove an account

Remember to cancel your payment for this account, disconnecting it wont stop you being charged it simply removes the account from your login.

Dashboard > Name > Edit My Details > More > Disconnect this account


Client with portfolios in different SPV`s

Clients with this set up either:

  1. Set up seperate Arthur`s
  2. Create a Quasi agency that has each SPV as an owner within one Arthur


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