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Creating a Custom Analysis Code for a Contractor Bill (not recharged to Owner/Tenant)

If you would like to run the expenses of your property/units through Arthur you will need to create a contractor bill transaction type. This is a direct expense from your company to the contractor (You can make as many different expenses/bills as you please). This is not in conjunction with disbursements/recharging an Owner for bills you pay on their behalf.  

Note: This article is for creating bills that you are paying direct to a contractor and NOT recharging to an Owner. Only ONE transaction (a bill) will be created.

Creating your Contractor Bill

You will need to create your bespoke transaction type.

Step 1 – Create your receipt

Transaction Type Name: Payment made to Contractor

Must be a Receipt-Credit


Step 2 – Create your Bill

Transaction Type Name: Contractor Bill

Must be a Charge-Debit


Using your Contractor Bill

Step 1 – Locate your Property/Unit/Tenancy Statement

I will be adding at unit level.


Step 2 – Viewing your Contractor bills

You can view contractor bill in the two sections of Arthur listed below:

This can be viewed within the unit (the level you added the transaction in) and by selecting “contractor statement”.


This can also be viewed within the contractor contact. Go To Contacts > Contractor > *Click the eye of your contractor* > Statement 


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