How to send a document for signing, track it, remind users resend or delete

Arthur has integrated with Signable allowing for digital signatures to be applied to documents. The process is handled within Arthur avoiding any double entry.

An envelope is defined as the package which will be signed, regardless of how many documents it contains or signatures required within it.

  • 1 Envelope £1.75
  • 10 Envelopes £12.50
  • 50 Envelopes £37.50
  • 100 Envelopes £65.00
  • 200 Envelopes £110.00
  • 400 Envelopes £180.00

*Prices are excl. vat


Step 1 – Choose document to send for Digital Signature

Go to Tenancies > (Select the Tenancy) > Tenancy Documents > Create Digital Signature

Step 2 – Add your signature boxes

Add your signature boxes, date boxes, check boxes and text boxes.

*For those handling a large amount of contracts in one go, documents can be pre-populated with signature boxes. This is especially useful for organisations, such as student housing, where all documents are managed at certain times of the year. Call us if you want to us to help you set this up

When having to get a document signed by multiple people use option shown below “specific signer”


Click into the areas you want your boxes added

Step 3 – Choose the order to send your document in

Drag and drop in order to choose who receives the envelope first. The package moves in a linear fashion, going from one person to the next in this order


Step 4:  Add any attachments to the document to be sent

This will display all property, unit and tenancy documents related to that tenancy. Choose any number of attachments to add into the envelope. You do not need to attach the original version of the document being signed.


Step 5:  Add any text to be added to the recipients email

This is a good section to personalise the email and ensure a signee knows what is expected of them.

Step 6:  Confirm recipient and attachments


 Step 7 – receive E-mail to Sign

Once the email has been received from Signable click on the link and you will see the document to sign and all attachments

Step 8 – Receive back signed document with attachments

Go to tenancy documents and you will find the compressed file. If you edit the file and tick share with tenant the tenant will have a copy in their documents file

Step 9-Track your envelope

Either access your document within the tenancy>digital signature >view activity log or via documents>digital signature >view activity log which will list all documents on one screen

Within the tenancy

Go to tenancy>digital signature>view activity log



Within documents

Go to digital signature>view activity log


Step 10 – Send a reminder to individuals

Send a reminder is to an individual who has yet to sign. Go to the document>choose the individual>send a reminder


Choose the person>send reminder


Step 11 – Resend a document

If this is used a charge will be applied. What this does is start the process again and resend a fresh document. Go to the document>Resend


Step 12 – Delete the contract

This is used if you need to start again



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