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Earn revenue with our easy to use connection with Billing Better, a utility bills management service

This article explains:

  1. Who is Billing Better
  2. What is the available revenue
  3. What’s the journey for our users
  4. How do bills include work
  5. How to create a Billing Better account
  6. Set up billing better with your billing better I`d
  7. How to build the webhook
  8. What data do they receive from Arthur
  9. Suggested text for your approval email
  10. Is Billing Better GDPR complaint. Do I need to inform my tenants
  11. What happens at the end of the tenancy

Please check out their website: 

Arthur bears no responsibility for their service but we welcome feedback from our clients.


1. Who is Billing Better (in their own words)

Billing Better provides a utility bill management service for tenants, landlords, and letting agents. Our aim is to enable tenants to seamlessly move home without having to worry about the changeover of utilities. We provide three options for our customers to use our service:

  • Free notifications to energy, water, and council tax providers upon tenancy changeovers
  • Branded comparison site and utility bill bundles (inc free Amazon Prime) for tenants
  • The ability to offer your property with bills included for landlords and letting agents

Our letting agent and landlord clients are able to save time but also earn one-off and monthly revenue as a result of your tenants signing up for our services.

2. What revenue is available

  • If a tenant(s) signs up to a Billing Better bundle, the partner will earn £12.00 per calendar month from the tenancy start date until the tenancy ends. If the contract renews, so does the commission assuming the tenants are still using the bundle.
  • If a tenant uses our free comparison site and signs up to one of the services, the partner will earn a one-off commission. The amount varies but will be between £20-£25 for energy switches and between £20-£60 for internet and TV set up.
  • If a landlord or an agent sets up bills included order, Billing Better do not charge any fees on top of the cost of the bills and the partner is able to use the bills included price to leverage higher rent prices because of the convenience being offered by the landlord or letting agent.

3. What’s the journey for our users

Using the webhook provided, our partners are able to use Billing Better to complete all the necessary admin involved with utilities. This includes notifying the gas, electricity, water, and local authority of the change in tenancy.
Once the webhook is activated at the point in which a tenancy has been confirmed, your tenants will receive a text message and email from Billing Better giving them two options for how to set up their bills:

To use the Billing Better comparison site, enabling the tenant to find the best deals for all their household bills, whilst presenting their water and local authority suppliers to set up their accounts for these services.
Set up a utility bill bundle with Billing Better, which combines all the required household bills into one simple monthly payment, split equally between the tenants. The bundles include any of the following: gas, electricity, water, internet, TV license, council tax, Sky TV, and a regular cleaner.

Even if the tenants do nothing, Billing Better will notify the existing suppliers of the change in occupancy to ensure the admin is all done. Billing Better will also notify the tenants to explain who their existing providers are so that the tenants can create an account directly with these suppliers if they wish.

Our letting agent and landlord partners can then log into their online portal to view all the completed paperwork and update tenancies in the future.

4. How do bills include work

Bills included are a popular way for landlords and letting agents attract tenants to their properties. Using Billing Better, you’re able to set up your properties with bills included in a simple manner. To do this, you need to do the following:

  1. Create a Billing Better account under Arthur Online’s account here.
  2. Select “Add a new property” and select the “Bills Included” option.
  3. Choose the bills you’d like to include.
  4. Choose the payment date and method.

Once set up, you’ll be able to view all the bills within the property, along with the energy usage. If you’d choose a “pay for what you use” energy plan rather than an unlimited option, Billing Better will notify each tenant if they are using more energy than included within their allowance. Each time a new tenant is added, the tenants will receive a welcome pack including the contact details if there are any problems with their internet or bills.

5. How to create a Billing Better account

Simply click here to create your Arthur Online account

A billing better I`d will be provided by them

6. Set up billing better with your billingbetter I`d


Enter billingbetter I`d




7. How to build the webhook

Go to prefrences>automated events>approved tenancy>add action



Add an action

Add the webhook URL:


View created action


When you come to approve the tenancy the option to send to BillingBetter will be available


Via mobile


7. What data do they receive from Arthur


These are all required fields

  • First name
  • Last name
  • email address
  • mobile phone numbers.
  • Address line 1
  • Postcode
  • City
  • tenancy start dates

8. Suggested email to be included in your approved tenancy email

“We have partnered with BillingBetter who will contact you directly to help you set up your energy and internet as well as help you set up and pay for your Water and Council Tax bills. That means you can manage all your home bills from one place online, giving you better visibility of your spending. If you are sharing bills they will even help you split your bill costs between multiple occupants. This service is designed to help you with your move-in and help reduce some of the stress of moving homes. You will hear from BillingBetter when your tenancy starts

To build this email go to settings>automated events>approved tenancy>add action. This is linked to the article adding actions.

9. Is Billing Better GDPR complaint. Do I need to inform my tenants

As the information being provided by Billing Better (sending details of the tenants to the relevant suppliers of the utilities) is deemed as of legitimate interest, you do not need to inform your tenants that you will be sharing this information with Billing Better, however, it is best practice to do so. Tenants can opt-out of communication from Billing Better once communication begins.

10. What happens at the end of a tenancy

As the tenancy comes to a close, the landlord or property manager for the property will receive an email notification from Billing Better asking for the tenancy dates to be updated, for a void period to be added or for new tenants to be added to the property. Here’s what happens for each scenario:

Tenancy Dates Updated: No new action is taken by Billing Better

Void Period Added: Billing Better will ask the user to submit meter readings and the details of the void party responsible, which are then passed onto the supplier to ensure they have accurate information and the party can be accurately billed.

New Tenants Added: The process of completing utility notifications happens once more, where the tenants can once again choose how they’d like to set up their bills.

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