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FAQs: SMS Messages including costs

Q: Where to purchase credits for texts and how much do they cost

A: Go to the store>sms


Q: Is there a limit on message length?

A: Yes. One credit will allow up to 140 characters. Two credits will allow up to 279 characters. The maximum length of an SMS message is 456 characters.

Q: Do I need the country prefix on the number?

A: If it is in the U.K., this is not necessary. However, we do recommend it. For SMS sent to numbers outside the U.K., the country prefix must be added

Q: Can I send messages abroad?

AYes, however you may be charged two credits. Messages sent abroad are also slower to deliver than those sent to U.K. recipients

Q: Can I send messages to my own phone?

ANo. Your own number cannot be used to send messages.


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