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Arthur Financials additional support

Our Arthur Financial specialists are available to rectify/unpick and/or complete work for you pertaining to Arthur Financials or the integrations with Xero or QuickBooks Online Plus.

The team will investigate and if the problem is as result of:

  1. An issue within Arthur (system bugs or changes) – no charge will be applied.
  2. A user error either within Arthur or Xero/QuickBooks where you paid for us to complete your integration then a quote will be provided to rectify the account. Work of this type is charged at £25.00 + vat per hour and will include rectifying data both in Arthur and Xero/QuickBooks.
  3. If you (the client) or a third party (bookkeeper/accountant/virtual manager) has mapped and integrated Xero/QuickBooks instead of the process being completed by an Arthur financials specialist – there is a charge £45.00 + vat per hour for us to investigate and help correct issues.

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