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For agents who handle owners that have properties under different ownerships under management

Each ownership has its own account under Arthur. If the owner uses the same email within each entity then arthur can link there accounts for easy access

Ownership A = Arthur account A
Ownership B = Arthur account B

The same email in both ownership allow him to simply go between one account and the other. A different email will give him two accounts that need to be logged into seperately (not so convenient)

This is available for web only. Mobile will be forthcomming

Step 1

Invite the owner. Arthur will identify they already have an account. Confirm as below

Step 2

The owner will receive an email invite which he/she accepts. The screen will display as below

The PM can carry out this procedure by following


Step 3

Owner creates new company

Step 4

Arthur creates two accounts. Log in to one and then step 5 shows how you go from one to another


Step 5

Click on one then switch within Arthur



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