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Dealing with Historic Deposits held by the Custodial Scheme (QuickBooks Users)

Step 1:

Create an analysis code that will allow you to track your previously held deposits. Go to Financials > Analysis Codes > Add Analysis Code. Set up as shown below.

*If you don’t have a dummy custodial account set up please contact a Arthur specialist*



Step 2:

Go onto the tenancy you wish to add a transaction for. Select the statement then add the charge. Select Add Transaction. Within “Transaction Type”, select “Registered Deposit Charge”.


Step 3:

Create a “Registered deposit already held transaction. The date should be the date you initially received the deposit.



Step 4:

Select theTenant Deposit Statement”. Allocate to charge. Now you can sync with QuickBooks. The deposit account you set up in QuickBooks will be credited that amount.



Step 5:

Go to Accounting > Chart of Accounts. The Arthur – custodial scheme account will be updated with the deposits.


Go into the Account History to find the deposit.



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