Creating multiple Arthur accounts and removing an unwanted account from the global switch


**For professional and enterprise we aggregarte your units so multiple Arthur cost you no more 

Whether your on your Mobile or PC Arthur allows all your accounts to be accessible from one screen called Arthur`s Global Switch.

Arthur Property Management Global Switch

Arthur is able to link multiple accounts by linking the same email addresses of the user. This functionality is very useful and is used if:

  • You mange multiple portfolios that require separate incidents of Arthur, for example if you have multiple Xero accounts to match up to.
  • You manage on behalf of others and they want to invite you to their account.
  • Franchise or separate offices

Adding a further account yourself from the global switch


Opening all Your Accounts at Once

Right click on each account>Open link in a new tab


Removing an Account

Go into the account you want to remove. ** Remember to cancel your payment to that account

Dashboard>Name>Edit My Details>More>Disconnect this account

Disconnect the account from the global switch

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