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How add a viewing, update the viewing and automate responses

This article looks at

  1. How to create a viewing
  2. Updating a viewing
  3. Automating responses when adding a viewing
  4. Automating responses when updating a viewing details
  5. How to run these actions

1. How to create a viewing

Viewing are created from:

  • From the applicant
  • Directly to viewings
  • A portal


Create a viewing from an applicant


Manually adding a viewing

From here create an applicant or add an existing applicant


From a portal, the viewing is created with status enquired


2. Updating a viewing

Go to viewing>edit



3. Automation around adding a viewing

This is linked to adding actions 

Arthur has by default created some, but these can be added to, deleted, disabled or edited. Go to settings>automated events>viewing added by a property manager




4. Automation around updating a viewing

This is linked to adding actions 

These are created in settings>automated events>viewing updated



5. How to run the actions

When adding the viewing or updating you will find the actions listed at the bottom


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