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How add a viewing, update the viewing and automate responses

The Applicants and Viewings area is the module you will use to manage all incoming enquiries for available units within your portfolio. Within this section you can manage requirements, organise viewings and convert an applicant into a tenant.

1. How to create a viewing

Viewing are created:

  • Against the Applicant
  • Directly
  • By a portal

Create a Viewing from an Applicant

If an Applicant already exists within the system, create the Viewing against their Applicant record

Manually adding a Viewing

This feature is great if you have someone on the phone, or sat in front of you, ready to book a Viewing. It can be created via the ‘Quick Add’ option or from within the Viewing index page.

From a portal, the Viewing is created with status Enquired

When an enquiry from a portal enters Arthur, a viewing with the status of Enquired is created automatically to ensure you are able to understand which unit the applicant is interested in. Once a time is agreed, you should update the viewing date and time and set the status to Confirmed.

2. Updating a Viewing

Once a Viewing has taken place, you can update the Viewing both in terms of its status and any information gleaned from the Viewing surrounding the Applicants feedback

3. Viewing Automation

Adding a Viewing

If you do not already understand the Automated Events engine, please read this article first

Arthur has by default created some, but these can be added to, deleted, disabled or edited. Go to settings>automated events>viewing added by a property manager

Updating a viewing

These are created in settings>automated events>viewing updated

Running automated actions

When adding the viewing or updating you will find the actions listed at the bottom. Tick the boxes of the actions you would like to run. You can pre-define which actions are ticked when setting up the automation.

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