How does missing certificates work

If certificates are required at property/unit and not added,  Arthur will identify those that are missing.

So what will missing on the dashboard highlight when clicked?

  1. No certificate information has been added at all against the property or unit where there is a required certificate
  2. Certificate added but no document added to support it


How to add related certificates to properties/units

Step 1

From the Index page (Quickest route)

Go to property/unit >index page


From within the record

Go to property/unit>more


Step 2


View missing certificates



Within property/unit>dashboard



Certificate index page

When clicked on you will arrive at the certificate index page with filter missing on


Update or edit the missing certificate

Go to the dropdown menu.>options include

  • Edit certificate
  • Complete missing certificate (allows you to overide missing element and complete)
  • Extend certificate
  • Change relationship – Chnage relationship from current address if incorrectly entered





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