How much are credit checks

Credit checks are carried out in conjunction with the Callcredit agency one of 4 UK companies that carry out credit checks.

It ensures that you are able to:

  • Assess a potential tenant’s ability to pay their rent
  • Confirm their name and previous address history (up to 10 addresses will be listed that have a financial link)
  • Mitigate risk by viewing their adverse credit history

Pricing is as follows:

1 credit = 1 credit check. Credits purchased can be used at anytime and with no time limit. To purchase in bulk please visit the store to buy your credits

  • 1 credit purchased = £4.75
  • 5 credits purchased = £4.50 each
  • 10 credits purchased = £4.25 each
  • 25  credits purchased =£4.00 each
  • 50 credits purchased =£3.75 each
  • 100 credits purchased =£3.50 each
  • 250 credits purchased =£3.25 each
  • Call for further pricing on bulk purchasing

*Pricing net of vat. 

How does the report present its self

The report purchased is comprehensive and delivered almost immediately back to you via the integration. A horizontal menu bar allows for more detailed information.

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