Building and maintaining a bespoke app

Cost of build

The cost to build a bespoke app is £995.00 + vat.

Design options

There are  5 designs for each app to choose from. Any diversion from this will be subject to a quote.

  1. Tenant:
  2. Owner:

Additional fees

  1. Hosting and liscence £120.00 + vat pcm
  2. Maintenance £30.00 + vat pcm


  1. Arthur needs 6 weeks to build your app and due to the poularity of these apps this needs to be booked in with our development team.
  2. The client needs to have confirmed the style as per link above
  3. For the apple store clients must enrol their buisness with Apple via Once completed we will need the account details to upload and maintain the app.
  4. For Android there is nothing for the client to do
  5. We will require a logo for the store. Please follow the apple link for the guide lines Android is covered by this article.

Once your apple business account is created all we need from you now is your organization ID which can be found by following these steps:


  1. Log in to Apple Business Manager (
  2. Click Settings, then click Enrollment Information.
  3. Look for your Organization ID in the Enrollment Information pane.


Once we have that we just need to setup the app and deploy your bespoke app to our apple developer account, and then once we have added the organization ID in the app distribution settings we should be able to invite you to beta test the app, and then you can distribute it through redemption codes.



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