Certificates; adding, viewing expiring & expired, notification of expiring & expired

A certificate is a special type of document that has an expiry date and where it is important that as a property manager  you are notified. A certificate can be added either at property, unit or tenancy level. “Ensure the certificate is added at the correct level”



* A copy of the document uploaded to a certificate will also go produce a copy within the documents area of the property, unit or tenancy. 

This article is linked to understanding documentation

Adding your certificate

Which ever level your at go to certificates>add



Add certificate

Choose the file to upload. This is related to understanding how documents are handled



A copy of the certificate document will also be placed into the documents folder.



 Notification of expiring certificates


Create a Report

Create a certificate report. This section is linked to creating a report .



Notifications/Email reminders/automated Tasks

This section is linked understanding automated event and actionsGo to Settings>Your Account>Automated Events>Certificates

Arthur is set up with some default actions  and send you emails when the certificate is due to expire:

  • Certificates Added
  • Certificates Expired Today
  • Certificate Expires in 30 Days
  • Certificate Expires in 7 Days



Handling an Expiring Certificate

Once a certificate has expired or is expiring there are a number of options. To view expired change the filter of the status on the page below

  1. Delete or Archive the existing certificate and replace with new certificate
  2. Extend existing certificate date and add new certificate document



Viewing Expired

Change the filter above to view expired



Being notified of an expired certificate

Call us to help you create a manual event


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