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How to add a Sales Valuation

Step 1 – Create Valuation

Go into the unit you want to add the valuation against > click the add valuation button at the top right


You will then be directed to fill in the following add valuation information

  • Unit – Unit the viewing will be assigned too
  • With Unit Vendor? – Will the vendor be there at the viewing or not
  • Valuation Reason – Select from the following reasons for the valuation
  • Tenure Type – Select from the following tenures for the property
  • Status and Date – Choose the current status and date of the Valuation
    Note – to set the valuation price, change status to completed
  • Assigned to – Which colleague is hosting the viewing
  • Note – add any addiotnal information here

Step 2 – Manage Valuations

Once added, you can go to Valuations page within the unit and see a list of all valuations. Here you can update the Valuation status to the following Pending, Confirmed, Cancelled or Completed. If the status is set to completed, you can then add the valuation price against the unit.

Note – These Valuations will appear on your calendar when the status is updated to Confirmed

Next Step —> Adding and managing Viewings

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