How to add and view all certificates

A certificate is a special type of document that has an expiry date and where it is important that as a property manager  you are notified. A certificate can be added either at propertyunit or tenancy level. “Ensure the certificate is added at the correct level”

Either go to

  • Property
  • Unit
  • Tenancy
  • Certicates in the menu tab and add a relationship (property, unit or tenancy)

* A copy of the document uploaded to a certificate will also add a copy to the documents area of the property, unit or tenancy. 


Adding a certificate

Step 1

Which ever level your at go to certificates>add

From within a record



Or from the index page



If the certificate document is not uploaded at this point then the certificate will show as missing. This is linked to understanding missing certificates




Where to find all certificates

There is a certificate index page with filters that can help list the appropriate certificates





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