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How to add council tax and use automation to notify council tax of an incoming and outgoing tenancy

This article is linked to understanding automation

This article looks at:

  1. Adding council tax
  2. Applying council tax to property and units
  3. How to use the tenancy status change to notify council tax
  4. How to use automated events to build these emails


1. Adding council tax

Go to contacts>council and add your council’s details


If the council is also involved in paying rent leave ticked



2. Applying council tax to properties and units

Go to either property or unit level>property or unit information>apply council tax



3. How to use system triggers and actions to notify the council tax department

Please download to view workflow tenancy

The system triggers that can be used include.

  • Trigger – updated status to approved
  • Trigger – updated status to current
  • Trigger – updated status to ending
  • Trigger – updated status to past

Clients can define which works best for them





4. How to build this email (action)

This is linked to  How to add actions to triggers

Please ensure that the recipient is the unit council 

Go to Settings>Automated Events>Tenancies>Tenancy status set to approved/current/past

Notifying council tax can happen when a tenancy status is:

  • Set to approved
  • Set to current
  • Set to ending
  • Set to past

The Property manager must decide where best to notify the council tax




Please ensure that the recipient is the unit council 


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