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How to add an action to a system trigger or customized trigger

Actions can be added to the system and customized triggers

This article is linked to understanding automation 

Add the action to a trigger

Choose the trigger e.g system trigger Tenancy Status set to Perspective>add action




Decide whether your action is a task or communication or both

  1. Name the action  Notify prospective tenant of paperwork required
  2. Activate action – Tick to make active: un-tick when no longer required
  3. Automatically set this action to checked when listed – This means it will run automatically without you checking the box
  4. Add task – To create a task with all its functionality tick the box and name the task that has been created. See below: e.g. task created is called Notify prospective tenant of paper work required and is related to a specific task type.
  5. Add a task type. this is linked to creating task types
  6. Insert checklist template
  7. Pre assign the task to a member of the team
  8. Add to activity log-This is a log of an action (record of an action) being run and is added to the activity area within properties units or tenancies
  9. Apply a process – This can either be:
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Workorder
  • Webhook
  • Edit field


** To bring up a list of variables right-click within the field


(Continue scrolling down the page after email body to see)

7. Include summary – Leave blank
8. Success text – This is the text you will see in the top right-hand corner of your screen that if it has been sent successfully
9. Failed text – This is the text you will see in the top right-hand corner of your screen if it has failed to send

The event this was added to was ‘tenancy status set to prospective’. Now when you add a prospective tenancy you will have the option to run the task and send an email at the bottom. When adding a tenancy, actions will be located on the fourth stage.



Can actions be viewed before sending

Actions that are manually triggered can be previewed before sending.



















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