How to Add Management and Agency fees

Fees are fees payable by the owner and can be recurring or added as individual transactions

The management fee type is either

  • Fixed
  • % Rent Charged (Start date of collection required)
  • %Rent received (No dates required as it will apply when rent is received not charged)

Adding fees is either at the point of adding the tenancy or post adding a tenancy. They will then be automatically generated and added to the owner statement. Please note that if you add post tenancy after the first rent has been created,  Arthur cant add retrospectively so you will need to account for that transaction manually by adding an individual transaction. See below

When adding a tenancy

Step 4 of the process will include one off transactions and recurrings


Post Adding a tenancy

  1. Go the Tenancy > Recurring Charges > Add Recurring Charge


2. Adding manually

Go the Tenancy > Statement > Add Transaction

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