How to add a transaction – Individual and recurring

1. Where can transactions be added 

  • Property
  • Unit
  • Tenancy
  • Work order

2. How are transactions created

  • Manually
  • Recurring
  • Via contractor app


3. How does hierarchy effect what transaction types are available and who is the payor

Transaction payable by the tenant can only be added to the tenancy

Transaction payable by the owner can be added at all three levels



4. What statements can they be seen on

  • Tenant statement
  • Owner statement
  • Contractor statement

5. How to add a transaction

1.add a recurring individually

Go to property, unit or tenancy>recurring> add recurring

  1. This is where you select who the charge is relating to.
  2. ‘Starting on’ is the date that the invoice will be generated on the statement.
  3. ‘Repeating’ is to select the frequency that the transaction will generate.
  4. ‘For the period’ is for showing which period of time this transaction relates to e.g. you could have a charge generated in November for the period 1st to 31st of December.
  5. ‘Ending’ will dictate when the recurring charge will stop.
  6. ‘Transaction Type’ to select which charge you want to create.
  7. ‘Expected Payment Date’ is when the charge is expected to pay after this date the charge will become overdue.


2 Add recurring when adding a tenancy

Step 1: When you come to this part of the tenancy creation process > Click Add Recurring Charge.


Step 2: Once you have added a recurring charge, select the transaction type, add a description and amount. Then select the frequency at which it will be generated. Select the ‘Starting on’ date, which is when the Invoice will be generated on the statement. The section ‘For the period, To’ will dictate the period of time that this charge is related to. ‘Expected Payment Date’ will give some grace days until the charge becomes overdue.



Go to property, unit or tenancy>statement> add transaction




3. Via the contractor app






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