How to assign property manager/s to a unit and view them by default

There are two ways to assign a property manager to a unit

  • Batch Via the property level>update all unit managers
  • Via the unit level >managers>add a manager
  • Via contacts>people>view

This article also covers how to filter by them on the:

  1. Unit index page
  2. Tenancy index page

**Please note that you need to record associated managers in the events area in order for communications to only going to them. Arthurs default position is “All managers”¬† This is linked to understanding automated events

Via property

For multi-unit properties, you can update all units from the More menu inside the property or on the property index page



Via units

Go to Units>Open/View a Unit>Managers (bottom right-hand menu)


Via contacts

Go to Contacts>People>Open/View a Person>Associated Unit


Using filters on the index pages

To view tenancies or units allocated to unit managers can be achieved from either;

  • The unit index page
  • The tenancy index page

Unit index page

Go to units>filters>assigned to me


Tenancy index page

Go to tenancy>filters>assigned to



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