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How to assign property manager/s to unit individually and in batch

There are two ways to assign a property manager to a unit

  • In batch via the property level>update all unit managers
  • In batch from the unit index page
  • Via contacts>people>view

This article also covers how to filter by them on the:

  1. Unit index page
  2. Tenancy index page

**Please note that you need to record associated managers in the events area in order for communications to only going to them. Arthurs default position is “All managers”  This is linked to understanding automated events

Via property

For multi-unit properties, you can update all units from the More menu inside the property or on the property index page



Via units

Go to Units index page>update


A screen presenting fields that can be updated in the batch will now show. Unit managers is shown below

Via contacts

Go to Contacts>People>Open/View a Person>Associated Unit


Using filters on the index pages

To view tenancies or units allocated to unit managers can be achieved from either;

  • The unit index page
  • The tenancy index page

Unit index page

Go to units>filters>assigned to me


Tenancy index page

Go to tenancy>filters>assigned to



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