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How to automatically generate workorders when you update a tenancy status

Often clients when updating a tenancy from prospective to approved or current to ending need to generate a job for an inventory clerk or cleaner. Arthur will allow for workorders to be automatically generated on request.

Depending on the client’s requirements the job can be added as a

  • Separate action
  • Embedded within a task created


Go to automation>system trigger>tenancy status set to approved or ending


Go to system trigger


Separate Action

Add action which is to create a workorder for a cleaner or inventory clerk can be created as a

  1. standalone workorder or
  2. embedded into the ending tenancy task you have created

In the example below its created as a standalone.






Action will list on status change


Within a task

Some clients may create a task to handle the status change and want the work order as part of the task


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