How to credit check your applicant & guarantor

Credit checks offer a cheap screening method to ensure it is worth continuing with an applicant. They are also perfect to be used in conjunction with Arthur’s applicant form for companies that complete their referencing in-house.

Please note: Credit checks can be done individually or in bulk. All persons must have a previous address.

How to obtain an applicants credit check

Step 1a)


Go to the Applicant index page and select Create credit report. Or view the applicant and select Create credit report.


Go to the Applicant index page and select all applicants you wish to get checked.

Step 1b)

Confirm the address for all applicant that are to be referenced. Please note: Once submitted you will be charged a credit, even if the address is wrong. This is because the call to the database has been made and a check run.

Step 2

Confirm addresses and credit usage. Payment will be taken directly from your Arthur account.

Step 3

The credit report will return almost instantly. You can view the report from:

a) Within the credit check index page:

b) Within the applicant index page

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