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How to credit check your applicant, tenant & guarantor and view results

This article looks at

  1. What is a credit check?
  2. What does it measure?
  3. How much does a credit check cost?
  4. How to credit check an applicant
  5. How to credit check a tenant on a tenancy
  6. How to credit check a guarantor
  7. How to view credit checks
  8. Troubleshoot a credit check


1. What is a credit check?

Credit checks offer a cheap screening method to view a person’s public record

2. What does the credit check measure?

The credit score is a measure of the probability of defaulting on a credit agreement. Large lenders use all the available data, but these reports only allow the buyer to see only what’s public – electoral roll, bankruptcy, and judgments are all public. The result also compares the applicant score obtained to the average score at that postcode to create an overall score and probability of default.


If they have judgments this will be apparent.


3. What is the cost of the credit check?

The cost of credit checks can be viewed in the article cost of credit checks

4. How to credit check an applicant

Step 1a)


Go to the Applicant index page and select Create credit report. Or view the applicant and select Create credit report.



Go to the Applicant index page and select all applicants you wish to get checked.



Step 1b)

Confirm the address for all applicants that are to be referenced. Please note: Once submitted you will be charged a credit, even if the address is wrong. This is because the call to the database has been made and a check run.


Step 2

Confirm addresses and credit usage. Payment will be taken directly from your Arthur account.



5. How credit check a tenant

Go to tenancy>tenant>credit check



6. How credit check a guarantor

Go into the tenancy>guarantor>credit check



7. How to view all credit checks

Go to the credit check index page or applicant index page


6. Troubleshoot a credit check

This is linked to troubleshoot credit checks



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