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How to Charge a Tenant and Generate a Receipt for Property Owner (Custom Analysis Code)

This article explains how to create your own code for receiving money from a tenant and passing over to your Landlord/Property Owner. This transaction will behave the same way as a “Rent Charge” does on Arthur.

Step 1

Go to Financials > Analysis code

Please replicate the fields shown in the image below. You can call your Transaction whatever you please.

Note: “Create property owner transaction”, must be ticked.

Note: Tick, “Allow associated recurring deductions”, If you want to be able to deduct management fees and/or want to be able to view this transaction on your Rent dashboard.

Step 2

Add the transaction to the tenant statement using the new analysis code

Step 3

Now pay off the transaction either via Xero or manually for those only using Arthur. Once paid off the receipt will appear on the owner statement

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