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How to print a move-in statement or use automation to send out

This article is linked to understanding automation

This article looks at three available options:

  1. Printing and emailing
  2. Using system triggers to  email out on a status change
  3. Using custom triggers to email out manually


1. Printing and emailing

The move-in statement is all the one-off transactions added to page 4 of the Add Tenancy process. See adding a tenancy for more details.


Step 1 – Create a statement

Go to Tenancy>Statement>Print Statement



Send an email from here or save back to Arthur>Tenancy>Documents


Step 2 – Email or share statement

Go to Tenancy>Documents

From here the document can be shared with (copy within the tenant app) or email

2. Using the system triggers to  email out on a status change

Step 1 – Create an approval tenancy email to be sent at the approved tenancy stage

go to preferences>automation

Step 2

Go to trigger “tenancy status set to approved”

When creating the email action ensure you can use:

“Tenant Outstanding Transactions” 

“Deposit Outstanding Transactions”


Step 3 – Send email on updating the status or adding an approved tenancy


The email sent will display variables as follows:


3. Creating a customized trigger to be sent from within the tenancy or a tenancy related task


Step 1 – Add a customized trigger


By having a condition status approved will mean the option to send this will only show when tenancy status = approved




Create the action email


In this example, it’s to send an email manually. Use Tenant Outstanding Transaction



Step 3 – Where to send from


Tick to run



Tenancy related task

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