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How to create a move-out statement

The move-out statement is all the outstanding transactions after moving the deposit from the deposit statement to the tenant statement.

This article looks at:

  1. Print and email
  2. Create an automated email to be sent once a tenancy has been set to past


1. Print and email

The move-out statement is all the one-off transactions at the end of a tenancy to be deducted


Step 1 – Create a statement

Go to Tenancy>Statement>Print Statement




2. Create an automated email to be sent out once the closing statement is completed – *With the new closing tenancy screen coming shortly we will be adding another option to trigger this email further improving efficiency

This would be sent once the tenancy is set to past and the transactions had been added to deduct from the deposit.

Go to Settings>Automated Events>Add a trigger


Create a manual trigger




Add an action

In this example, it’s to send an email manually. Use Tenant Outstanding Transaction.


How to send the email

Go to the tenancy or related tenancy task




Tenancy related task>Menu


Email sent


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