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How to create a Sales Mail Merge Template

Please note, you need to subscribed to the Sales Module to create a sales mail merge template

1. Adding standard variables to your documents

Arthur has ready-made ‘variables’ for you to use and insert into the blanks of your document. These variables will then become information once you mail merge.

Step 1

  • Go to Documents > Mail Merge Templates > Under Sales Document Types, Select View Variables
  • Open the Variables list – Ensure you only use variables from the required area. E.g Offer variables for offer documents

Locate your chosen variables from within one of the areas. Copy and paste your chosen variable including the brackets

Step 2

Open your word document and paste the variables

2. Uploading Your Template

Once the variables have been applied save the document as .docx or .Opendocumenttext, upload the template. Either replace an existing file or upload a new one.

When uploading a offer template the model is “Offer”

When uploading a Memorandum of Sale template the model is “Unit”

3. Mail Merge your Sales Document

This is linked to How mail merge your Sales Document

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