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How to deal when a tenant leaves a tenancy and a replacement is found

Steps to take

  1. Add new tenant
  2. Remove the old tenant or  Edit the old tenant with a move-out date
  3. Switch off old recurring charge and add a new recurring charge
  4. Mailmerge a new contract
  5. Tag the tenancy

Add the new tenant

Either add an existing record if they have already been added as an applicant or create a new record

Edit the existing occupant’s record with a move-out

Go to tenancy>tenants>edit







Dealing with recurring charges

We advise switching off the old tenant’s recurring charge and adding a new recurring for the replacement tenant

Mailmerge your tenancy replacement document

Create a replacement document that can be mailmerged and sent.

Tag the tenancy

Use a tag called replacement tenant. Reports can be generated that include tags and filters applied to the tenancy index page based on a tag


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