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Understanding Report Editing on Arthur

This article breaks down all the functions you can edit in the report.

Available Fields are columns of data you choose to add to the report. For example below, i have chose to include the property and unit address, the tenants in that address, the transaction types and the amount balance in my report.

With conditions, this section essentially filters out what you want and do not not want to include in the report. This can be from having a particular date range set, only showing rent charges or only showing transactions that are outstanding or unpaid.

You have the option to group particular columns together, this is handy as it helps breaks down each area, whether that a property or tenancy. For this report, it will grouped by property and the option to show all records will be ticked.

The sort by function allows you to arrange how the report is listed. For this report, i have sorted it to show the properties in alphabetical order and with the 2nd sort to show the lowest amount balance first in that property.

For the last two options, you have the option to add a total for the amount balance at the bottom of the reports.

You can change the format for the dates along with a small other additional options.

Here is the report that has been created.

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