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How to email tenants when a file is shared with them

Step 1: Create a new manual event under the ‘Documents’ section.

Step 2: Set the Event Type to ‘Attachment’. The difference between the two is:

  • Asset – When a file is created in Arthur but not necessarily attached to anything.
  • Attachment – When a file is attached to any thing. Uploading a file directly onto a property, unit, task etc. will also trigger this.

Step 3: Add a condition for Shared with ‘tenants’. This means the event will only trigger on files that are shared with tenants. Click submit when done.

Step 4: Select ‘Add action’ on your newly created manual event.

Step 5: Enter your action name and select ‘Apply a process’. Make sure you pick ‘Shared with group‘ under the ‘Send to’ field. This means the email will only go to the tenants that it was shared with. Then feel free to customise the email that the tenant will recieve. When done click ‘Save action’.

Step 6: When uploading a new file onto your Property/Unit/Tenancy make sure to tick share with tenants to ensure the event runs and the emails are sent.

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