How to enter information about cost charged to tenants

Go to portals>Rightmove

The text within the ‘Admin Fee’ area is what will appear when viewing the property on RightMove. This window is very small, so it’s advisable to copy the text out of this window and edit it in a text editor such as notepad, then copy it back in. We will hopefully be able to make this window bigger, so that it can be edited in-line, and maybe also have a preview button to show what it would look like on the RightMove screen.

There are various tags that can be used, but this is limited. Known tags are:


  • <b>Bold</b>
  • <i>Italic</i>
  • <u>Underline</u>
  • &bullet; – this will show a bullet point

This can help with formatting the text to look nice.

At the moment, this is only available on RightMove.



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