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How to get a tenant reference, track its progress and cancel the reference from Advanced Rent

Arthur integrates with Advanced Tenant Referencing by AdvancedRent There is no need to create an account with them, everything is handled within Arthur. For more information then provided by the integration will need to be obtained directly with them on 01603 558 180.

This article looks at:

  1. How to create a reference
  2. How to track a reference
  3. View final report
  4. How to cancel a reference


1. How to create a reference

Step 1: Within the tenancy click on More>References



Step 2: Next page, will show pricing> select tenancy>Continue. The price will depend on which package you are on (Standard, Professional or Enterprise). *If a reference is cancelled you will still be charged*


Step 3: This will take you through to the application to be sent on. *Because we integrate to a third party most of the data is provided. There are some areas that require some attention. These include:

  • Asterisks (Building No.; Rental period)
  • Changes required (Show details)

*Rental period and rent below is effectively a measure of affordability


Step 4: Click on “show details” and add information to:

  • Tenant type
  • Rent share (copy the rent amount the tenant is expected to pay)
  • Guarantor details if relevant



Once completed the status will show green – as shown below



Once submitted the next screen will show submitted


2. How to track a reference

Either go into the tenancy>tenany reference or see tenancies>tenancy reference (list all references)



“More info” will show the progress log and the handler notes  shown below



Handler notes. *  There may be no notes coming in from ATR if users have responded to each automated request for information on them and their employer, without the need to be chased. The ATR team put notes like “Chased tenant for bank statements but left a message on voicemail” and may do this 4 times in a day (in theory) and this is so the agent can see chasing is being done and may want to step in and mention to the tenant the outstanding, or even advise when the tenant calls them for progress, rather than think that nothing is being done.




Once passed you receive a confirmation email



3. View final report

Go to your account tenancies>reference>download (right-click download and open in new tab)






5. How to cancel a reference

Go to the reference and cancel it. You may be charged by the referencing company if to much work has been done. Please speak to them to find out. A cancelled reference cannot be re-opened so please start the process again if you need to re-open.

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