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Handling a contractor invoice that requires a rebate from the contractor

Scenario 1

In this scenario, the Contractor raises an invoice to the Property Manager for works that is payable by the Property Owner but as a requirement of getting the job they are required to give money back to the Property Manager. This will be dealt with by reducing the remittance amount the Property Manager owes the Contractor.

Step 1

Create a Disbursement Charge (Recharge), be sure to select “Create additional transaction for contractor”.

Add the amount (the same in both fields). One transaction will go to the owner statement and the other to the contractor statement.

Go to Contacts > Contractor > Statement and you will see the 120.00 invoice due.

Step 2

Add second transaction that adds the rebate to the contractor statement. Add a negative number. Use the analysis code Disbursement Charge (Recharge).

Go to Contacts > Contractor > Statement and you will see the £120.00 invoice due and the rebate of £20.00

You can then allocate the £20 to the £120. That will reduce the amount owed to the Contractor.


Scenario 2

The manager receives a bill from the contractor and needs to apply the rebate immediately.


Step 1

Add a transaction payable to the contractor and the rebate at the same time

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