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How to handle a holiday let tenancy

This article looks at the workflow for creating and running short term holiday let that gets charged on a nightly basis

  1. Creating the holiday let as a tenancy subtype
  2. Adding the tenancy
  3. Checking the tenancy out

Creating the holiday let as a tenancy subtype

Go to preferences>tenancies>tenancy subtype



Go to tenancy subtype and add a holiday let the option






Adding the tenancy

Arthur will allow for a tenancy to be added as a holiday let changing the add tenancy screen to reflect this tenancy type.




The status showing will be approved and if you use the automatic switching Arthur will switch the approved to past based on the end date or move out date. This means the high turnover of tanacies will be handled by Arthur using just two status`s

  1. Approved
  2. Past

Add in your nightly rate

There is no need for any recurring charges. Add their details

Add the amount payable for 3 nights


Once completed the £150.00 will show on the tenancy statement


Checkout at the end

Once the tenant has checked out go to the check out button and add any further costs



Set date and tenancy to past and any further transactions


Confirm checkout


Transaction and closing statement is now showing








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