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How to Handle an Overpayment of Rent (Non-Xero)

For example the rent due is £200.00 and your tenant pays £200.01. You cannot go onto pay off charge and enter more than the £200.00 so to handle this, please follow the steps

Step 1

Go to the Tenancies > Open/View a Tenant > Statement > Add Transaction

For transaction type select “Tenancy Receipt” and enter an amount of £200.01


Step 2

Next, allocate the receipt to the charge:



This leave the balance of the receipt off £0.01p, which can be allocated against a later charge.



How to view your Unallocated Receipts

You can view all unallocated Receipts by going to Financials > Tenant Invoices.

Here you can filter to see your unallocated receipts.

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