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How to handle contractor invoices and transactions

1. What is the difference between an invoice and a transaction

An invoice can only be provided by the contractor and it contains transaction/s

A transaction is the financial transaction line on a statement

2. How are contractor invoices added

  1. Uploaded by the contractor to their app. This is linked to How contractors add a document
  2. Created invoice via the contractor app – This is linked to  How contractors create invoices

3. How are transactions added

  1. Manually – If a contractor sends in an invoice from outside Arthur the transaction will need to created manually and the invoice uploaded. The transaction type used when adding the trasnaction will be  “Disbursement charge (Recharge)”
  2. Via the contractor app– The contractor can create an invoice on Arthur app which when submitted creates simultaeously the invoice and the transaction.  The transaction type used when added will show up as “charge from contractor”

4. How do the transactions display

The two transaction types below show their origin:

  1. Disbursement charge (recharge) shows the original transaction was added manually
  2. Charge from contractor shows the original transaction was added via the contractor app



5. How to add the transaction on the invoice amount to the work order manually

Go to the workorder>statement>add transaction

In the example below

  • Transaction type as below
  • Choose contractor
  • Payor
  • Amount
  • Mark up if applicable



6. How to recharge and pay off a transaction created from the contractor app

*Xero and QuickBooks users must pay their contractors in the respective accounting software.*

Go To Financials > Unpaid Invoices

There are two options

  1. Pay off the charge
  2. Recharge to the owner or tenant and add a mark up – Only the mark up shows on the respective statement
  • Recharge
  • Paid by owner or tenant
  • Add mark up


This will now be displayed on the index page as recharged to be paid off

Pay off


In addition to the above invoices can be paid off in

  1. The contractor statement,
  2. The contractor remittance screen

Contractor statement

Go to Contacts > Contractors > *Click the eye of the contractor* > Statement>transaction>pay off charge


Contractor remittance screen

Go to Financials Contractor Remittance>transactions


7. Where to view all unpaid contractor transactions


8. How to tell Arthur how you want to handle incoming contractor transactions

To have control of the payor and markups ensure the toggle switch below is unticked otherwise Arthur will simply add all invoices generated this way to the owner account.

Settings>finacial settings>toggle switch
































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