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How to handle emergency housing tenancies charged at a nightly rate to the council

This article looks at the workflow for creating and running emergency housing that gets charged on a daily basis

  1. Set up tenancy subtype for emergency housing
  2. Creating the emergency housing tenancy default payment cycle
  3. Adding the tenancy
  4. Checking the tenancy out

Set up emergency housing subtype

Go to preferences>tenancies>tenancy subtype



Go to tenancy subtype and add a holiday let the option



Creating emergency housing tenancy default settings

Create your default recurring payment schedule in line with the charging cycles.  preferences>Tenancies>recurring charges





Most clients choose 4 weekly or monthly



Create the tenancy

Step 1

Adding a tenancy with a tenancy type short stay and status periodic

Here you will include the status=periodic and letting agent=Council name

Use the letting agent field for who supplied the tenant

Step 2

page 2 of add tenancy screen.

Add daily rate

Add the council responsible for paying the rent


Step 3

page 3 of adding tenancy screen. Here you will add the recurring charge,

  1. Chosen frequency
  2. Invoice on a date – This will be at the end of the period. The invoice for the period will be created at the end of the period
  3. Period dates
  4. Expected payment date – This will generally be at the end of the period


On completion of the period, Arthur will create a single invoice for that period. If the tenant checks out before the end of the period Arthur will work out the exact number of nights and create a transaction for the new period


Checking out the tenant

Once the tenancy has left the checking out the tenant and completing the statement is very simple

Step 1

Click the check out button

Step 2

Add the date that the tenant left. Arthur will calculate the amount owed for the period


If an adjustment or an amount needs to be added at this point add a new charge


Confirm checkout and Arthur will create a single transaction to the tenant statement


The tenant rent statement will display the amount



Tenant invoice screen

Go to finacials>tenant invoice screen and using the filter for Billable to and enter council name



Bespoke rent demand invoice

To create an invoice that displays both the council and the tenants in a format you will need a bespoke statement built. To understand how to get one please click on this link


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