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How to handle historic deposits using the Arthur Live Bank Feed

  1. Raise the Registered Deposit Charge in Arthur

Locate the relevant tenancy in Arthur, select ‘Add Transaction’ and populate the screen as follows. Within Amount Net, enter your deposit amount.

It is our best practice to initially add all historic charges, then we will pay them off in the next stage

  1. Historically Pay off the Transaction

Considering this transaction predates your use of the bank-feed, you will not be able to pay this transaction off using the feed. Instead select Tenant Invoices within Financials

Using the filters on the left hand side select, select + on Transaction Type

From here, you will have a list of your historic deposits, and you can tick them all and select Pay off

In this screen, you will…

  • Select ‘Individual Payments’
  • Within Due Date, enter the date in which you registered the deposit
  • Within Bank, select …
    • If your deposits are held in a custodial scheme: the dummy custodial scheme account set-up in ….
    • If your deposits are held in an Insured Scheme: the account in which the deposit is held

This provides you with them most efficient method to log your historic deposits as paid on the system.

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