How to Handle Housing Benefits and Tenant Top Ups (Multiple Recurring Transactions)

When dealing with two charges such as a monies received from local authority and a top up from a tenant you will create two recurring charges (as described in the above link)

Adding/Creating Two Recurring Charges

Go to Tenancies > Open/View a Tenant > Recurring Charges > Add Recurring Charge


Repeat the process above and you will now have two recurring charges:


Within the statement you will see the two charges created that you can now reconcile.


The Council Pay 4 Weeks in Arrears

When setting up the recurring charge use the collection dates that are stated in the contract. This ensures Arthur enters the rent as due even if funds are not received for 28 days. To avoid the rent which is due to be paid 4 weeks in arrears not showing up as overdue put in Grace days of 28 days. This article is linked to What does ” Grace Days ” and ” Days in Advance ” mean.

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