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How to handle offers made by applicants post viewing and automate responses

In this article, we will look at one scenario of  the Applicant making you the offer following a viewing and how to build an automated response

The article will look at

  1. Building the response
  2. How to activate the response
  3. Create the tenancy

1. Building the response

In this scenario, the applicant has made a verbal offer and you need to relay this to a member of your team for approval and then confirm the offer is accepted

Go to settings>automated actions>viewings>offer made

Step 1 create your actions

Here we will create two actions:

  1. Notify team of the offer made for approval
  2. Email applicant if offer accepted

Add actions



Action 1: In this example send an email to all managers or a specific person in your team


Action 2: email applicant confirmation the offer is accepted. Ensure you add to the activity log. This will show in the activity log of the applicant




View both actions created


2. How to activate a response when an offer is made

An offer is made as part of the viewing process, therefore, go to the viewing and update status to offer made this will move the viewing to status=Offer made.




This will move the status on. From here you can post the offer>submit offer

To submit the offer go to submit offer



Choose the email to be sent to the team to approve an offer



Once accepted go back to submit an offer and send 2nd email



3. Create the tenancy

Now create your prospective tenancy


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