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How to handle private residential tenancies (Scotland)

A private residential tenancy is open-ended and will last until either the tenant/s wish to leave the let property or the landlord/letting agent serve notice. To reflect this in Arthur, we use a combination of tenancy statuses and automation.

Automate your tenancy journey

First we ensure the correct stages of the tenancy journey are automated: Ensure the move from Approved to Current, and the move from Current to Periodic are both automated. Note: It does not matter if you have other options selected.Automate tenancy

Add your contract type

You will need to add your own custom contract type, called Private Residential Tenancy (PRT). This can be added within the tenancy index screen under More:

PRT Contract

Add a new tenancy

When adding a new tenancy, we must ensure they are added with the status that reflects their stage of the journey, either Prospective or Approved. What doesn’t change is the length of time their contract, which should be set at 4 weeks from the start date.

prt contract length

Get notified once the tenant has been in the property over 6 months

After a tenant has been in a property for over 6 months, you are legally required to give 84 days notice, unless they have done something wrong. Therefore, we get Arthur to inform you when this day occurs – we do this via Automated events>Tenancies>Add manual event.

PRT 6 month notice

What will this achieve?

When a tenancy becomes approved, Arthur will now automatically update their tenancy status to Current, representing the minimum period the tenant will be there. It will remain Current for 28 days unless the tenant serves notice and you update the tenancy to Ending. After 28 days, Arthur will switch the tenancy to Periodic, showing the open-ended nature of the contract. After the tenant has been in the property for six months, Arthur will notify you that they now require 84 days notice.

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