How to integrate the applicant form into your tenancy on boarding

Most users generally have basic information on an applicant to carry out a viewing.Once the viewing is completed and a reservation fee paid the prospective tenancy will be created.



On the creation of the prospective tenancy an automated email with the terms of the tenancy and a link to the applicant form could be sent. This email forms part of a long list of things to be done inorder to process a prospective tenancy. These could include amongst others:

  1. credit check
  2. reference
  3. contract signing
  4. Etc

Create the automated email

Step 1

Go to settings>automated events>tenacies>tenancy set to prospective>add action. This article is linked to adding an action to an automated event


Please ensure that the link you send ends with /my-application as this recognises that the applicant is already on the system and avoid two identical applicants being created. It asks the tenant/applicant for their email to gain access. This is linked to the article understanding the applicant webform


Where to send this email from

This email will be generated when adding a propsective tenancy. Page 4 of the add tenancy screen will show the email to be sent


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