How to integrate the web form into your tenancy onboarding

There are two ways users can use this form and clients need to find the process that best fits their business.

This article is linked to understanding automated events and action

Please ensure that the link you send ends with /my-application as this recognises that the applicant is already on the system and avoid two identical applicants being created. It asks the tenant/applicant for their email to gain access. This is linked to the article understanding the applicant webform


Suggestion 1 (Least popular route)

Step 1

Create an action around the offer button  in viewings

Go to settings>automated events>viewings>offered>add action

Step 2

Create the email to be sent to the propsective tenant, to include offer and link to the applicant form


Step 3

Go to a viewing and submit an offer and the creatde action will be there.



Once the form is updated you will be notified and at that point you can move foward to create a tenancy

Suggestion 2 (Most popular route)

On the creation of the prospective tenancy an automated email with the terms of the tenancy and a link to the applicant form could be sent.

Step 1

Go to settings>automated events>tenacies>tenancy set to prospective>add action.



Step 2

This email will be generated when adding a propsective tenancy. Page 4 of the add tenancy screen will show the email to be sent


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