How to mail merge a document

Mail merge  enables you to automatically have your documents filled in. This includes:

  • Tenancy agreements
  • Notices

The article will show you how to:

1. Add Standard Variables to your Documents

2. Add Custom Variables to your Documents

3. Upload your Template

4. Create a Merged Document

Step 1 Adding standard variables to your documents

Arthur has ready-made ‘variables’ for you to use and insert into the blanks of your document. These variables will then become information once you mail merge.

  • Go to Documents > Mail Merge Templates > View Variables
  • Open the Variables list – Ensure you only use variables from the required area. E.g Tenancy variables for tenancy documents
  • Open your word document
  • Copy and Paste the variables into your document


Copy and paste your chosen variable including the brackets

Paste to your word document


Step 2 Adding custom variables to your documents

Arthur enables you to create your own ‘custom variables’, allowing you to create additional fields with or without values. These variables will then become information once you mail merge. They are available across all documents or specific to a document.

  • Go to Documents > Mail Merge Templates > Custom Fields>add key & Default value (if required)

Create the custom variable and paste in to your document. When you are ready to mail merge, you will see that field appear – simply add the arrears number and it will be inserted into the document where the variable sits.

Step 3 Uploading your template

Once the variables have been applied save the document as .docx or .Opendocumenttext and upload the template. Either replace an existing file or upload a new one

Step 4-  Creating a Merged Document in the tenancy

Tenancy>index page or within tenancy>menu>mail merge



If the document is for signature do not share at this point. Fill in the text for the custom fields

Step 5 – creating a merged notices

Go to Tenancies > Notices (create Notice) > create Mail Merge

This linked to how to serve a notice

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