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How to set applicant preferences

This article looks at:

  1. How to manage the source of inquiry
  2. How to manage an Applicant’s status (Enterprise only)

1. How to manage the source of inquiry

To manage and display the source of inquiry go to Applicants>More>Preferences>Manage Source



2. How to manage the applicant status (Enterprise only)

This feature for Enterprise only allows large clients to apply for their own statuses alongside or in replacement of the default ones.

The default ones provided include:

  1. Active
  2. Inactive
  3. Tenants

Add an applicant status

To add an applicant status, go to Applicants>more>preferences. Here you will be able to add your own status’ which act as useful filters.


Add the status. Tick if this status is the default incoming status


View all statuses created


View the list on the Index page




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